We create educational products that capture the imagination, inspire and entertain.

The devices in your home don't have to lead to glazed looks, mindless scrolling and (let's be honest) content your kids would be better off without. Human beings were meant to engage with truth, beauty, and goodness. We want to help you provide that for your kids.
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Our products work together to strategically targeting all modes of learning and mental development.

Founded by filmmakers, storytellers, and academics with decades of experience in film production, online course creation, home education, and curriculum development, Luminn is focused on strategically building a library of content that spans from online courses to audio dramas to book series to documentaries and more that help you capture your family's imagination with stories, histories and information that not only educates, but inspires. Our objective is to give you what you need to uplift young minds (and adult minds) and to instill character-building values through education and storytelling products.

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