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Frequently asked questions

Can I use this course with a Co-Op? 

Yes! Simply select the Co-Op I option (or Co-Op II for larger co-ops). If you do not purchase a co-op option, your students will not be able to access the course simultaneously.

The next step is to send us an excel file or Google Sheet (see this example) with the following information from your students:
First Name, Last Name, Email Address (which the student will use to log in), and a Name for your Co-Op.
Within 3 business days we will upload your students into the course.
They will then receive an email with information about how to set up an account. 
Once the account is set up, they will be able to access all of the available content for the course!
Should a student withdrawal from or be added to your co-op after your purchase, simply email us to let us know about the change.

Where is the Course Material?

Course material for American Civics Units 1-12 is available August 3.